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?: What is Paywell? A: Paywell is an integrated software solution delivering payroll and costing with no duplication of data input. ?: Is Paywell easy to use? A: Paywell is a straight forward ‘menu driven’ product with real-time validation and on-line inquiries make information and input readily available. There are various methods of effecting payments between runs. ?: What gives Paywell its power and flexibility? A: This ‘Language’ takes the specification of even the most complex requirements and translates these into an automated process. ?: Can payroll data be checked before running the payroll? A: Yes. The Validation or Preview process allows the user to check and submit any corrections or amendments prior to the payroll run. ?: How does Paywell handle HR management? A: Integration with an existing HR system can be done in a matter of days or a maximum of a few weeks depending on the complexity. Once completed there is seamless passing of information between the two system ensuring shared information without duplication.
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